dyingrosepetal (dyingrosepetal) wrote,

re-owned & The distant and the spoilt


The scars on your arms,
The tears down your cheeks,
I hold you close,
I am the first and only to love you,
Eyeliner so thick,
Eyes so deep,
Skin so pale,
Not another human would recognize,
The poor beauty in my arms right now,
The torment and torture,
Heartbreak is no fail for you,
But i'm here now,
I will love you.

hehe :)

The distant and the spoilt

The hollow soul of a ruined person,
No life left for the loved,
Spoilt and left to rot away,
The distant are left,
They are the ones who stay strong,
Full with anger,
Blinding rage,
As the spoilt have no heart,
The distant need their heart to love those,
To love those they have never been loved by,
The dark corners of a room,
The darkness falls upon you,
Making the distant seem so worthy of love,
To see the love so close....
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