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I think about you when i sleep at night, you're always in my dreams. When i blink i see you, smiling, so happy. Surley you arn't always this happy. Maybe dull at times, to see you frown would kill me inside more than loving you does already. Not a single second goes past i dont hear your name in my head. The creation of a perfect beauty...theres only one way to describe you...and that word in unique. At times i dont even know if that's good enough..you are just you. your self with your own beliefs. Not a single second nor a single day when i dont wish to be in your arms. To hear you telling me it'll be ok and we'll get through this together. This love is so deep it kills me. I just want to be with you...all i want is to be with you...just...you.

Yup guess who this was wrote about :)
It isnt as good as i could be so i'm kinda dissapointed in that
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