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It's crazy...

Life can hold my hand forever someday it's just gonna have to let me go.

Meh fuck you bitch. Damn you to hell. Fuck joey, cut my hair off, kill me, slice me up, torture me. Nothing could hurt more than loving matty.

Make me die, torture and kill, stop this pain, Stop the torment, end the anger, the cutting wasnt just for thrill it was for him...

Argh...I'm so pissed off. Matty doesn understand exactly how i feel. That everything i say im being serious to him about, he just shurgs it off i guess. He doesnt understand how much i luff him and that it really does hurt, i guess i've never had a proper convosation with him either. i always end it with saying soething funny so that last thing he says is lol. He doesnt piss me off but alot of other things really do argh i dont know why but i just wanna curl up and cry

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