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Sooo unfair

Thursday was great though I think I pretty much ruined the day by being a really moody bitch. Pfft. I got like... Loads of hugs off Simon it was so kool. He's so really nice and sweet :) Aww bless him hehehe. I cried even more this time than I did last! I wanted to hold onto Nic and Simon forever I didnt want to get on the bastard train. Meh.. I can't wait to see Matty :D I didn't get to talk to him much lastnight I went away crying lol. Dumb me eh? Oh well. I'll see him and I think I actually have the guts to ask for a hug! I mean why not? He's a really good friend of mine so Blah :D Lauren will be there to support me anyway :) Oh bah! I got myself thinking of Matty again now. Can't do any harm i suppose. Ohhh god why me? Why do i have to find him to be the most perfect person around. So funny and cute and sweet and..ergh..perfect. *cries* Meh! Pooeh! I just really can't wait to see him on the 17th! I just wish it was sooner. I'll come home crying probably lmao. That would be weird. Me getting pulled off him and dragged into the car screaming and crying. WHY THE FUCK CAN I IMAGIN THAT :O I bet Lauren can imagin that too lmao. Oh i feel all weird just thinking about seeing him! Heheheh mooooo. hahahahahahhahaha skinny anorexic girl uses mirical grow *nods*
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